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Training and Obedience

The Canny Canine way,  a life long friendship with you and your dog!

We strongly believe that an obedient dog is a happy and balanced dog. We strive to ensure that all our obedience classes are fun and rewarding for both dog and handler. 

There is NO set way to train dogs. Each dog, just like us are individual, some methods and aids will work with some and not others. We pride ourselves on getting to know handlers and dogs and working with them. Focusing on positive and rewarding training methods that suit individual needs and expectations

Please click on individual links below to find out more about what classes we offer referring to our Obedience Training.

Puppy Classes

Kennel Club Training Classes

121 Training and Behaviour

Workshops and Seminars

Starting with the basics of sit, stay, heelwork, how to behave around other dogs and importantly the recall, we can then offer progression to retrieving, scenting, and control at a distance.  For those looking to formalise their obedience handlers can work towards the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme - on successful completion of an examination a certificate is provided, however this is not a compulsory part of our Obedience Classes.