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Tuesday  24th April 2-4pm 
Sunday 29th April 2-4pm

Introduction to Ring Craft with highly acclaimed championship show judge Lesley Gosling
(Seen here with Robson Green)

After all of the excitement of Crufts - perhaps you would like to know more about showing your dog....

o Want to start showing your puppy/dog?

o Want to know what judges are looking for?

o Are you the owner of a promising puppy and would like to show – this is for you!

o Have you an adult dog, have shown before but want to refresh – this is for you!

o If you show, but want advice on how you might do better – this is for you!

o Ring Craft is 95% about your dog and 5% about you – once you get it right!

If you would like advice, want some help; want to practice under a judge’s eyes – then please come along. We look forward to working with you.

Let us know if you would like to attend, and watch this space for more information.