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1-1 Training and  Behaviour Modification

 Creating Well Balanced Confident Dogs

Do you ever wonder why your dog behaves the way he does? Dog behaviour is a fascinating subject. To the dog and owner however, problem behaviours can stop you enjoying time with your dog, or cause embarrassment and concern.  

Here at Canny Canines we have extensive experience with all types of behaviours from Jumping Up to Dog/Human Aggression. Private consultations are on offer with age appropriate behavioural modification advice. Whatever your concern, we can offer 1-1 training tailored to your individual needs in our bespoke Training Centre.  

Workshops designed to help with specific behavioural issues are held regularly throughout the year to include:

  • fear of people                                                                      
  • reactivity                                                                              
  • confidence building                                                             
  • socialisation                                                                         
  • aggression                                                                            
  • sheep and livestock chasing                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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